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A Day in the Life of Beckett, Age 7

Q: Describe your typical day:
Beckett: My typical day is: I wake up around 7 or 8am. Then I eat breakfast. Second thing I do is play on the iPad and Tablet. Then I play with my stuffies and then eat lunch. Play more iPad and Tablet. Then I play with stuffies, go in the pool, eat dinner then maybe watch a movie after I brush my teeth.

Q: What did you bring with you?
Beckett: Stuffies: Meerkat, Otter, Hearty, Furby, Dina, Beaver, Mango Monkey, Monkoo & Monkey, Minion, and Coco.  Balls, cars, and Bingo.

Q: What are your favorite games on the iPad/Tablet?
Beckett: SIMs, Minion Rush, and My Singing Monsters.

Q: What are your favorite things to do when you’re not busy?
Beckett: Play with stuffies. Play on the iPad & Tablet. Have a snack. Play in the pool.

Q: What books have you read lately?
Beckett: None.

Q: Favorite color?
Beckett: Red.

Q: Favorite movie?
Beckett: Frozen and Planes.