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Myeongdong Night Market

One of our favorite things to do when we travel is visit night markets.   They are a great place to try different foods and drinks, to see what interesting things are for sale, and to people watch.

We went to the Myeongdong night market our first full day in Seoul and loved it so much we went back the next day.  We spent a good 2 hours there the first night and probably longer the 2nd night.

First up was getting the kids some of the favorite night market treats – watermelon smoothie and grilled corn on the cob for Beckett and fried potatoes on a stick for Mara.  These were both some of the kids’ favorites in Thailand and other places we’ve visited.

Fresh watermelon smoothie

Potato on a stick!

Grilled corn on the cob – on a stick of course

There was also plenty of other eating as we walked around: dehydrated strawberries that the kids fought over, crepes, and other random things that looked good.

Nutella crepe – another one of our favorite night market treats

More food on a stick

It was really crowded in some spots, but in some spots it wasn’t so bad.

Strangely, it seemed that every 3rd actual store was selling face masks.  We were able to pick up a few for free as they handed them out when you went into the store, and Mara ended up buying a few more to take home.

Face mask store after face mask store

And then I spotted a “Lush” store.  I love “Lush” products, and it turns out the kids now do too!  We spent a LONG time in the store trying different products and picking out our favorites.  They’re so ridiculously expensive, but we still let the kids pick out a few things to bring home.  Mara loved them so much that I bought her more for her birthday later!

The second night, we got a traditional Korean BBQ at one of the restaurants near the night market.  It was delicious, although Beckett wasn’t a fan.

To make it up to Beckett, we let him get a watermelon milk ice treat he’d been eyeing up while the rest of us got cake slices and cupcakes to enjoy back at the room.

In addition to all the eating, there were some fun sights around:

All told, the night market was one of our favorite activities in Seoul!