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Traditional Korean Dessert Class

One thing Mara wanted to do in Japan was take a dessert making class.  We looked into taking a class learning to make wagashi, but couldn’t find a class that fit our schedule.  However, I found a class in Seoul making the Korean version of wagashi known as Bean paste rice cakes so we took that instead.

Chuck didn’t want to take the class, but he came along to watch and take pictures.

The bean paste was already made for us, so we only had to weigh it, roll it into balls, then cover them so they didn’t dry out.  And then we learned how to decorate them.  We made 6 each and we all did surprisingly well.

Covering them in 2 colors

Etching grooves into them

The finished product

The finished products:

We took the class with Sunny S Dining and she did such a great job of teaching us how to make our cakes.  The best part was that we got to take our creations home with us, and while I wasn’t a big fan of them, the kids nibbled on them for the rest of our time in Seoul.