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Spa Time, South Korean Style

South Korean is known for their Jimjilbang or public bathhouses.  Since we had such a great time at the spa in Japan, we knew we had to do one in Korea too!  Plus, this was the last day of our trip and our legs and bodies were in desperate need of some relaxing.

This one, Siloam Sauna, was very different than the one in Tokyo though.  We skipped the public baths this time and went straight for the co-ed sauna rooms.  The sauna floor mostly consisted of lots of little rooms heated or cooled to various temperatures.  There was an ice room, a cold hard charcoal room, an oxygen room, 2 jade rooms, a Loess sauna, a fire sauna, a salt sauna, and a jade sauna.  We went to them all except the fire sauna as that was heated to an intense temperature.

Chuck and Mara loved the ice room.

Beckett loved the Loess sauna and kept playing with the little Loess (soil) balls.

I liked the salt room and jade rooms although it did hurt my feet to walk on it.

Jade sauna

Salt sauna

We had a great time visiting one, taking a break, visiting another, taking a break, and on and on.

Before we went, I read that people will fold the orange towel they give you into a Princess Leia type of hat and wear it, so we all took turns doing that.  I only saw a few other people doing it, but whatever, it was fun!

After a few hours, we needed to get back for dinner and packing, so we reluctantly said goodbye.

We all gave the experience an enthusiastic thumbs up!