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R & R in the Bahamas

There isn’t much better than a pina colada in a coconut at a swim up bar!

Like the rest of the world, the COVID pandemic ground our travels to a halt.  We were hoping to get vaccinated so we could take some sort of trip this summer, but really weren’t sure when our names would come up in the vaccine lottery.

Well, on some random weekend in March, both of us found out we could get vaccinated ASAP.  Chuck’s parents were planning to visit the week after we were both fully vaccinated so Chuck asked them to watch the kids for a few days, and luckily they said YES!

After over a 1 ½ years of not being on a plane, we were so excited to go somewhere, anywhere.  Normally, we like very active, busy trips, but after the past year, we wanted ocean and low-key.  The Bahamas were open to US travelers, and offered quick, non-stop flights, so it made the perfect choice.

It was a little weird being in an airport again as it was the most people I’d been around in over a year.  But it quickly felt normal again, except for the masks.  And after an easy flight, we arrived!

And we’re off!

After a quick taxi ride, we arrived at our hotel, the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar.  Luckily our room was ready, so we were able to drop off our bags and head down to one of the many restaurants for lunch.  And drinks of course!  (Despite all the booze pictures, we really didn’t drink that much – I think we just only took pictures of our drinks!)
And then the vacationing began.

We spent the bulk of our 2 main days sitting at the pool which we NEVER do.  We are just not “sit at the pool all day” people, but on this trip, that was exactly what we needed.

And what better way to pass the time than with some frozen cocktails  from the swim up bar!  I’ve always wanted to get a drink from a fresh coconut, so I was quite excited to finally get one!

Both evenings we went to the jazz club for live music – man was it nice to enjoy  live music again – and just chilling.  Unfortunately they weren’t playing jazz, but they were pretty good, so it was still nice.

Chocolate & Espresso martinis at the jazz bar

The resort also had flamingos and I fell in love with these guys.  I kept heading over to watch them. 

These guys were fighting and making such a ruckus

One day I left the pool to run to the bathroom right as they were doing the daily flamingo parade.  I quickly grabbed my phone then caught up to them as they did a little flamingo info session.
We didn’t hang out at the beach very much as it was extremely windy the entire time we were there.  We still did get some beach chilling time in though.

Aside from that, there was some eating, a little bit of gambling at the casino, some wandering around, and that was about it.  Oh and getting our COVID test for our flight back home.  Yeah, that was fun. 🙂

All in all, it was exactly what Chuck and I needed and we’re so grateful to his parents for watching the kids  so we could get away.  We both really liked the Bahamas and figure we’ll be going back some day.

The hotel was good, and we were pretty happy with our stay, although our room was a little weird.  I’m not sure who thought having  the bathroom open to the bedroom was a good idea?!?  Regardless, I would stay here again.