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Beckett and Chuck’s Trapeze Lesson

For Beckett’s 8th birthday, he wanted a little adventure.  Kirsten found a Trapeze deal on Groupon that cost about $70 for 2 people to have an introductory lesson.  Mara doesn’t dig heights, so Beckett and I gave it a shot.

They start with a 10 minute safety and commands briefing, then do a brief on-ground lesson on how to leave the platform, then off we go to the real thing!

Beckett’s Lesson

He was quite fearless in climbing the little ladder that took him up to the platform (about 20 feet high), and didn’t show any reservations when it was time to take off, either.


First off, we just learned to swing properly and dismount.  Beckett did great!

B2 B3

The next time around, he hooked his legs up over the bar and swung upside down.

B4 B5

Chuck’s Lesson

My experience started the same as Beckett, with the on-ground lesson, basic swinging, and learning to swing by my legs.

KirPhone 302 KirPhone 309 KirPhone 313

After mastering that, I got the chance to swing and be caught by someone on the other trapeze.  I’d have never guessed when we showed up that I could do that within the hour, but it worked the first time!

KirPhone 321 KirPhone 323 KirPhone 324

Nailed it!

This was really a thrill to do.  It looked really difficult and I was proud to be able to do something like this quickly.  All the other adults did it, as well, so I had no special talent.  But it looks hard, and I was really stoked to complete the catch.  I felt sore in odd spots for a couple days, but otherwise had no ill effects.  So if you get the chance, give it a shot!