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Fish Spa

When we arrived in Chiang Mai, we saw fish spas around town. Upon telling the kids what it was about, they both wanted to do it and harassed us repeatedly till we did one. I found one shop near the Tha Phae Gate on the eastern wall of the Old City that let you do 15 minutes for 39 Baht ($1.30).

Beckett and Mara put their feet in first and cracked up everyone in the shop with their giggles and squirming.


I was next and OMG it tickles!!!! After a minute or two though, you get used to it and it just feels like little tiny nips at your feet. For some reason almost all of the fish in the tank were drawn to my left foot (for some unknown reason?!?!) and the kids moved tanks because I was hoarding all the fish!

028 026

Even Chuck gave it a whirl and laughed at the beginning.


The fish munching away:

058 069

The verdict, my feet were very slightly pink and smooth afterwards. A week or so later, however, I noticed that I had thick yellow calluses on my left foot and the skin was peeling off all over. After a good loofah session though, my feet looked so smooth and nice. So yes, I’d do it again.

I still have no idea why the fish went nuts for my one foot though…


There are 2 fish spas with super cheap prices near the Tha Phae gate on the eastern side of the old city. If you’re at the Tha Phae Gate Park area, walk south beside the street outside the moat and you’ll see one on the left-hand side and one on the right-hand side of the street.  We went to the one on the right hand side of the street.

You can find other fish spas throughout the city but I found that they charge 150Baht or more for 30 minutes.