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Hawaii – Sandland Blog

In June 2011 we moved to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (the Big Island).  These posts were written on our sister site, Enter Sandland about that experience.

Adventure Is Out There
Let’s Do It. Let’s Go!
Where to go, Where to go. . .
Hawaii or bust
Wow. Just wow.
The story behind our “year abroad”
20 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Hawaii
You don’t know what you’ve got Till it’s gone?
Why I see Pets.com stock sitting around my house
Thank You, Tim Ferriss
All about the Benjamins: Income
Why Now? 10 Reasons this is the time to move to Hawaii
Aren’t Hawaiian schools terrible?
Goodbye house
Have you found a place to live yet?
How “The 4-Hour Workweek” Freed Our Minds
A Random Motivational Boost
The Kids Are All Right???
Here we go!
Top 10 Things I’m Going to Miss About Virginia
At long last, Aloha from Hawaii!
Straddling the line between good-crazy and stupid-crazy
Be vewy quiet, we’re hunting houses…
A Flood of News!
Home Sweet Home!
How we found our rental
What the Hell Did We Do?
My hopes for our year in Hawaii
Month 1: Arriving and Settling Down
What did we do with our stuff?
Coming in for a landing
Freeing up some brain space
5 Ways Our Life is Different in Hawaii
Vacation life vs. real life
Things I’ve Learned About Kona
Hawaiian Culture: More than Ukuleles and Hula
Ironman Inspiration
How Big Island Schools Measure Up So Far
Renting… with children
You Sank My Battleship!
New Year, New House!
In the Driver’s Seat
A Transformation in our Kona life
A Whale of a Leap Day. . .
7 Bucks for Cheerios?! The True Cost of Living in Hawaii
How are the Locals?
Q & A – Kona Schools
1 Year Today!
Year 1 Highlights in Pictures
11 Smart Decisions (and 8 Mistakes) We Made When Moving
The End is Near! (for Enter Sandland)
Moving to Hawaii Advice
Ironman 70.3 Hawai’i Race Report