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Thank You, Tim Ferriss

I’ve always had this fantasy of living abroad, working some interesting job and being mobile.  I knew that people had figured out a way to do that, but figured most were somehow wealthy or had the right company connections or something – stuff I didn’t have.  I also didn’t know anyone personally that had done such a thing.

So there the fantasy languished for years.

Until Chuck bought “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss.  I don’t remember how quickly his enthusiasm pushed me to read it but it fired Chuck up!

As soon as I began it, I found myself saying “O M G, there are other people like me that want to live like this?  And here are people that are DOING it?  And here is HOW?!?!?”

That book changed us both.  It made us see the limitations we had put on our lives, on ourselves and on what’s possible, weren’t real limitations but just small hurdles.  For me, it made me realize that I indeed possessed the skills and drive to make the life I dreamed about.

Its been a couple of years since we first read it, but it definitely got the ideas brewing.  It was the kick in the pants to lay out our dreams together, and figure out how to make them real.

And it provided the catalyst to make the move to Hawaii and live the life we want.

We’re not completely there yet.  But we’ve started the ball rolling.  And we’re on the path.  And that sure as hell beats what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years.