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Things I’ve Learned About Kona

 Things I’ve learned about Kona:

  •  Wheelchairs are street legal.  Yep, that’s a guy in a motorized wheelchair “driving” down the side of the highway.

Man riding wheelchair down road

Man riding wheelchair up close


  •  You only need 1 pair of shoes – slippers (aka flip flops).  This is what happens when you wear shoes that aren’t slippers:

Shoes hanging from a wire


  •  They do things different here. Even their stop signs aren’t always red:

Blue stop sign

Yellow stop sign


  • And some things are just backwards. Like their handicap signs:

Backwards sign


  • Their parade floats are interesting like this Fish N’ Chips float:

Fish n’ Chips “float”

Fish n’ Chips “float”


  • The only car you really need is a 4×4.  Not to haul your gear to and from the beach.  But to haul your friends around town as they party in the back.  They also come in handy for having a bbq: we saw a guy in the back of a truck w/ a grill, lounge chair and he was popping open a beer chillaxin’ as his friend drove him around.  In a word: Awesome.

3 guys in the back of a truck with lounge chairs!


  • You don’t need to go to the store to buy swords or knives.  Nope, they’re conveniently sold by the side of the road on your way out of town!  Usually there is someone selling puppies right next to him.

Swords and Knives For Sale

  • Everything is friendlier here with a good dash of Aloha spirit.  Even the signs:

Hula dancer sign


  • You don’t pick your house based on location or price, but whether or not you can pronounce the street name:

Kekua… huh?

Pua Pua… ah… ah…??


  •  Hitchhiking is back in fashion here.  Not that I completely understand why, since if you travel for more 4-5 hours you’re exactly back where you started.



  • There are a lot of wild turkeys around.  The adults will lay their eggs anywhere and everywhere.  And I never expected to clean turkey poop off my lawn.  But they’ve become like my neighbors.  And the baby wild turkeys are absolutely adorable.

Mama and baby turkeys in our yard