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Where to Go, Where to Go. . .

GlobeGreat.  We decided on New Year’s Day to move.

Problem is, we didn’t know where to move to at that point.

Yes, we decided to move without having a destination.  We like to do things backwards some times.

We had been talking for years about a potential move but couldn’t ever pick a place.  We had at least narrowed it down to two real contenders – Hawaii or San Diego.

I’ve had a love affair with San Diego and Southern California for years, but Chuck spent 10 years in Los Angeles and wasn’t so keen on returning.

We fell in love with Kona on the Big Island when we were there last summer, but there were a few negatives that caused us to be unsure whether that was the best Hawaiian island destination.

Deciding to “move to Hawaii” isn’t really a unilateral decision, as each of the Hawaiian islands has its own pros and cons and would impact whether to make this change at all.

We ruled out Oahu & Kauai and decided that Maui or the Big Island would be the best fit.

So late January, Chuck & I went to Hawaii for a week on a fact finding mission.   We spent 2 days in Kona on the Big Island, then 4 days in Maui exploring every development on the western half of the island.

Maui was like the person who’s a great friend, but you just don’t like “that way” for dating.  Its absolutely gorgeous there with amazing beaches, as well as more work and business opportunities.   I felt stressed and anxious and uncomfortable while there.  I would totally vacation there especially having children, but despite our best efforts to love it, it was clear that it wasn’t the right place for us.

It’s hard to explain how I felt returning to Kona.  It was like this unbelievable peace washed over me and I felt so free and alive and in tune with Mother Nature.  I wanted to sit and watch the sun set over the ocean.  I wanted to bike ride along the coast.  I wanted to snorkel and dive.  I wanted to go to the farmer’s market for our meals.  Mostly, I felt home and never wanted to leave.

We came back from our trip convinced that if we were going to make the leap, Kona was definitely the spot for us.

So we’d decided that we were moving, had a place we wanted to move, but hadn’t yet committed to putting 2+2 together and making the leap.

Why is pulling the trigger to make a big decision so difficult?


Photo By pobre.ch


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