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20 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Hawaii


Top 20 Things Kirsten is looking forward to in Hawaii:

  1. Sun.  Sun.  And more sun.
  2. Ocean views
  3. Lychee! and other fresh Farmer’s Market fruits
  4. Kona coffee
  5. Scuba and snorkeling whenever I want
  6. 80 degrees all year round (suck it, winter)
  7. Lava hunting
  8. Lots o’ water sports
  9. Laid back lifestyle
  10. Hot surfers
  11. Seeing a gazillion stars
  12. Gorgeous sunsets
  13. Seeing the elusive “Green Flash
  14. No snakes
  15. Spending quality time with the family
  16. Mai Tais
  17. Wearing flip flops and shorts every day
  18. Tropical flowers
  19. Chillaxin’ on my lanai
  20. Getting lei’d (yeah, I just had to say that)

Photo by Jessica.Tam