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The Story Behind Our “Year Abroad “

The decision to move to Hawaii for a year really started as punting on a big decision

We’ve talked for years about moving.  In Kir’s words, “somewhere without winter.”

Pretty quickly, we got to a short list of Florida, Austin, and San Diego.  We violated the winter rule by thinking about Colorado Springs and Denver because of skiing and other abundant outdoor activities  We just never got comfortable that we’d be really happy moving to any of those places.

Sometime last year, we started to forget doing a permanent move and explore the idea of “doing something crazy” for a year.   The more we thought about it, the better it sounded.  We both love to travel, and we love tropical places, so why not just “ditch” for a year.   While Hawaii isn’t “abroad”, the magnitude of the change and  upheaval to life as we know it make it feel like that.

We’re treating our move to Hawaii as a one year experiment.   No real idea what will happen after that.  If we love it and have the means, we’ll stay.

There will surely be times ahead that the uncertainty about where we’re eventually end up will stink.  But for now, after years of the same life structure, it’s a chance to take a break, try something new, and recharge the batteries.