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Coming in for a landing

Kirsten skydiving on Maui July 2010

Any move involves a certain level of disruption to life.  Having your things in boxes, moving them to a new, sometimes strange place, unpacking and settling in.

This is partly what I was looking forward to – getting out of our rut, changing things up, and being a bit more free.

You definitely have to expect that and be fine living with some uncertainty and disruption to do what we just did.  My friend said she would’ve had a heart attack weeks ago, so I know this isn’t for everyone.

Even though I feel like I came into this very realistically, I didn’t expect the level of disruption it was and that it would be so tiring.  I realized this past month that I don’t mind living out of suitcases for a while, but doing it with kids is exhausting.  Every place we went, they ransacked their luggage and things ended up everywhere so trying to manage them and their stuff while not losing anything got pretty tiring.  And they didn’t do well cooped up in a hotel room for a week.

We slept in 6 different places in a 2 weeks span.   And we had 5 different rental car contracts.

Thing is, it didn’t have to be that crazy.

We could’ve gotten a rental house sooner and cut out 2 of those places.  And bad luck caused one of those moves.

We could’ve bought a car quickly but being the maximizers that we are, we checked out every car dealership in the area, sometimes more than once, and scoured craigslist ads every day.  So in some ways we extended the time we were unsettled because we were indecisive.

What surprised me the most this past month, was how badly I wanted to be settled again.  How much I wanted to have our kid’s registration in school done, to stop the rental car rodeo, to stop car shopping, to have my medical insurance figured out.  And to have our boxes arrive.

Luckily, this week I feel like the bumpy ride is over and we’ve finally landed.  And after the tough month – tougher than I thought it would be – I’m so happy to finally be on the other side.

And how does it feel to finally be on the other side?!?  Amazing.