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Kidzania Bangkok

I’d heard about this neat place for kids in Bangkok called Kidzania.  It had just opened a few months before and seemed like a neat thing, so one morning we went over right after it opened.

I don’t have enough adjectives to describe this place.  Basically its a place where kids get to do different jobs/occupations from working at a hospital to making a newscast to being a judge or a vet. Some of the jobs you earn money (kidzos) and some activities you have to spend your kidzos like when you make your own Coca-Cola.

The adults have to stand outside at every activity so they make sure the kids get to participate without their parent’s instruction or intrusion.

Luckily it wasn’t that crowded so the kids were able to run right up to just about every activity and get started right away.  Unfortunately some of the activities they wanted to do were closed the entire day, but with about 30-40 different jobs/activities to do, they had plenty to occupy themselves.  We ended up staying the ENTIRE day and the kids probably did about 15 jobs each.

We ended up going for a 1/2 day later in the week but unfortunately it was very crowded that day so there were waits for many activities.  Still, they got to do some things they hadn’t done the first time and were able to redo their favorites.

I highly recommend this place if you’re ever near one (I’d say its great for kids 6-12) as they have a few around the world and are planning to open one in the USA at some point.

Beckett being a veterinarian to a cat

The kids learning to make sushi (and then eating their work)
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Paging Dr. Mara
026  031


The cutest firefighters ever

050 055

Bottling their own Coca-Cola
057 068

Making her own McDonald’s hamburger
085 086

Mara’s favorite job – mail delivery

Here comes the judge, here comes the judge

Dancing at the disco123

Scaling a building
111 113

Pumping gas at a gas station

Making a newscast – Beckett was a cameraman and Mara was the director

142 140

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