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Kirsten and Chuck Ride the Jetovator and Jetpack

Kirsten saw a blog post this summer where someone had done a jetpack experience in the ocean, so she said “get me some of that!”

Unfortunately she didn’t get quite that, as I booked her onto something called the Jetovator, which is ridden kind of like a jet ski, but still turned out to be quite fun.  She took the plunge at Glorietta Bay in Coronado.

The Jetovator is attached via a hose to a jet ski trailing her in the water.  The guide controls the thrust power, while Kirsten managed all the controls.

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She found it to be fun, but tiring and her legs were pretty shot after about a half hour of doing this.

For my birthday, Kirsten booked me into a jetpack experience  at Mission Bay.   The setup was similar in that I got some on-land training, then headed into the water, with my pack being powered by a water hose attached to a jet ski.

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I had a great time doing the jetpack.  One thing not shown in the pictures was when I got to “submarine”.  I just tilted the jetpack forward and dove under the water like a dolphin, leaning back up 2-3 seconds later.

Between the two, it seems as though the jetpack was easier and it’s what we’d recommend if you’re looking for a water adventure!