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My hopes for our year in Hawaii

For once, I’m living in the present.  I’m no longer focused on the future and have absolutely no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in a year.  And I love that.

I feel so free – freer than I have in a long time.

But while I have no grand plan for anything after next year, I do have some hopes for the next year of my life.

So here they are:

1. I hope to slow down. Physically, mentally.  Stop tearing thru each day as its a To Do item and crossing off as many To Dos as possible.  Stop thinking about what I should or could be doing.  And just be.  Savor the coffee on my lanai.  Give 100% of my attention to my kids and spend more time just being with them instead of always doing something or being distracted.

2. Be healthier. Eat fresh food from the Farmer’s Market.  Eat fresh fish from the ocean at my doorstep.  Be outdoors in the fresh air.  Swim in the ocean, bike on the roads, take walks on the beach.

3. Figure out my “calling”. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  I know what my passions are but haven’t figured out a way to earn a living doing them.  So I’m hoping this year gives me a new perspective on things and my path starts to crystallize.

4. Be closer to nature. Yeah, I know that sounds all hippie like which isn’t exactly what I mean.  But I’ve never been anywhere that I’ve felt such as connection to the earth as Kona.  Seeing the gazillion stars.  Watching the sun set every night over the ocean.  Watching Madam Pele make new land and seeing how the continents were born.  Drinking coffee where the beans grew on the tree beside me.  Pulling fruit off a tree.  Putting my face in the ocean and seeing amazing sea creatures and realizing there is a HUGE miraculous world there.  It’s been so easy here in Virginia to get all mired in the day to day things – commuting, bills, work, maintaining the house, buying, consuming and throwing things away.  Buying my food from a megastore stocked with boxes and cans and things that really don’t even resemble real food.  You kind of forget that we’re part of this intricate fabric of the world.  I don’t think about the ground I’m walking on.  I don’t get lost in the stars.  I forget to step back and just appreciate the gorgeous, amazing, beautiful world we have.  So I’m hoping to step back from all that other crap I fill my life with and just appreciate, enjoy and say Wow.

5. Enjoy the ride. There will be good and bad, ups and downs, stressful moments and wonderful moments.  I want to take them all in stride.  To accept that this is life and know that it’s not all bliss and that’s ok.

6. Have fun. Because what’s the point of this whole adventure if I’m not having the time of my life?


Photo By vkurland


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