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Our Final Fling in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sadly for us, the fun had to end sometime, and Dubrovnik was the final planned stop on our world tour.  But what a great place to wrap it up!

Dubrovnik is yet another walled city, but much larger and cooler than any we’d come across.  The walls are really thick and high, and the city contained within is really, really big.

pic 044

To enter the city, you cross a drawbridge and moat.

pic 232

This is the “main drag” you walk down after entering through the gate.

pic 035 pic 166

Here are a few shots of the side alleys

pic 230 pic 224

While it was cool to walk in the streets of the city, it was even better to walk on top of the walls.  They’re probably 30-40 feet high in most places, giving great views of everything.

pic 071
pic 047

View of the main street from top of the wall

pic 062 pic 082

About half the wall is up against ocean, so we got some beautiful views.

pic 086 pic 085 pic 080 pic 089
pic 107

You can hang out and swim off the rocks below.

There are also lots of fortifications, cannons, and other nooks and crannies that were fun to see and duck into.

pic 100 pic 103

The last part of the wall tour is inland and sits a big higher, giving nice elevated views.

pic 137 pic 143

My mom and her sister had been here about 6 months before and sent us on a quest for a bar that served incredibly good hot chocolate.  Found it!

pic 158 pic 161

On our last day, Beckett, Mara and I went kayaking, then did a little swim.  Despite being living near the sea for months, this was the first time we’d been in the ocean in nearly a year.  Made me miss Kona!

pic 176 pic 198 pic 200

Unfortunately, that’s a wrap!  Through the miracles of flight cancellations and delays, we did get a single-day visit to Frankfurt, Germany on the way home, but no post on that.