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4 Nights in Kotor, Montenegro

pic 015

At the time we decided on Turkey as the place we’d spend a month, Kotor, Montenegro was the other main location in the running.  The country of Montenegro, is brand spankin’ new, and just a few months older than Beckett.  (It was part of the former Yugoslavia.)

As part of our final fling before returning to the US, we spent 4 nights here.  It’s another neat walled city, but the twist is that it’s walls go right up a mountain.

There’s not a whole lot to do here, besides walk the city, climb alongside the walls, and enjoy the scenery.  But all those things are spectacular.  It really is a beautiful area.  Just not too exciting.

pic 1081

Main gate into the city

pic 1102
pic 1094

The old town is dotted with squares that hold restaurants

pic 1100

Not the stairway to heaven. Just a cool stairway.

pic 1113pic 1103

On our second day, Mara, Beckett and I hiked up to the top of the mountain.  They enjoyed it for about 10 minutes or so, then things went South.  Nice views from up there, but the colors were a little flat since the day was overcast.

pic 1170pic 1163 pic 1138


pic 1155
pic 1121

Hmm, I wonder why they have this sign?

pic 1139

Oh, that’s why they have the sign!

pic 1133

The enthusiasm on their faces is inspiring

pic 1125

Sigh. . .up we go again!

Finally, we got to the top and had some cool views of the bay and town

pic 1186 pic 1187
pic 1185

Beckett gives it 2 thumbs down

The next day, we got a few nice shots when the sun came out.

pic 1076 pic 015 pic 013 pic 011 pic 001 pic 1194