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Palace of Versailles


I remember visiting Versailles when I was 13 years old.  It was the first palace I’d ever seen in my life and I was blown away.  I think because it was my first one, it’s always held a special place to me.

Once we decided to go to Paris, I couldn’t wait to take Chuck and the kids to Versailles.  Chuck had never been and while the kids had been to a couple of castles, they’d never gone to anything like this.

We had to take the metro to the train out of Paris to Versailles.  After a short walk, we arrived on the grounds.


We each grabbed headphones and were able to each have our own audio tour.  I think this made it an even better experience for all of us.

The palace is stunning.

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My favorite, favorite room is the famous “Hall of Mirrors”:

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After the Hall of Mirrors, we continued wandering around the palace.

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After we visited the palace, we checked out the ground apartments that were used by members of the royal family.

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We also took a brief look at the grounds before heading back to Paris.

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