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Straddling the line between good-crazy and stupid-crazy

It sounded brilliant on paper.

Sell the house in Virginia, show up here to rent a house.

No, we don’t have a house yet. No problem, right?!

We’d seen that inventory was a little thin for the type of house we wanted, but it supposedly opens up some in the summer.

Well, we’re here and it’s been a little more thin than we hoped.

Spent a couple days hunting and have only 2 really good candidates.  And our leading candidate just asked us to delay a week because they have someone who might buy it.  Our second choice is an INSANE house, but not really geared towards young kids, and would be crowded if we get visitors.

I suppose it takes some work to stress out in Hawaii, but we’re making a nice go of it.

We’ve had to change the plan of attack a bit

  1. Start calling on houses that are for sale and see if they want to rent
  2. Line up a short-term rental option
  3. Drink more mai tais

Time to get some good-house karma!

Photo by Jeffs4653