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Wow, Just Wow!

Dance With Me IIIIt’s finally sinking in.  WE’RE MOVING TO HAWAII!!!  Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s real.  What a longtime dream come true.  Not moving to Hawaii exactly but living somewhere warm, near the ocean and somewhere different.

Of course now the brain is in high gear thinking through all the things that need to get done.

We decided to leave in June which gives us 4 months to make it happen.

June seems so far away but on the flip side, not that much time to dismantle life.

It’s so bizarre that just a few months ago I was trying out new paint colors on my walls to redecorate our family room.  I’d just bought some new furniture this fall and was out shopping for new accessories.  And now I’m turning around and selling some of these things I just bought.  And selling things I bought 10 years ago, or in some cases, 17 years or more ago.  It’s crazy but exciting and freeing.  In some ways, my stuff feels like a giant weight holding us down.  Like in the movie “Up” where the guy starts dumping all the furniture out of the house so the house will float up again.

Of course we’re not ditching everything.  Especially because our plan is to go for a year then see what happens.  If what happens is we’re coming back to the mainland and settling into a house, then I’ll be happy to have many things.  I’m hopeful that this is a jumping off point for more adventures though.

And as antsy as I am to move and just get there, I am happy to have some time to enjoy myself here before we leave.  I’d love to spend some time with my 97 year old grandfather and 90 year old friend.  Have time for a few neighborhood bashes.  Maybe we can fit in the Vegas trip with our best friends.

There are also a few things left in DC that I’d like to do such as picnicking on the mall with the kids, revisiting some Smithsonian museums, checking out Mount Vernon and more.  And of course spend as much time with family and friends (including our kids’ friends) as possible.

So let the dismantling begin.  And if you’re in the market for a sofa or even a car, let us know.


Photo By BrightStarPhoto21