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2 Days in Seville

After our 2 days in Marrakech, we flew back into Seville airport and stayed for 2 nights to check out the city.

Unfortunately, it started off in the house of pain, as we left the airport at midnight for our 20 minute drive to our hostel, The Grand Luxe Hostel, which was downtown, near the cathedral.

Did I say 20 minute drive? Oops, make that a 2-hour drive!  Seville is notorious for confusing streets, and once we missed one turn (which was almost inevitable, given their poor signage), we were hosed.  Finally, around 2 am, I flagged a taxi and had him lead us to the hotel.  I felt good that even though we were less than a half mile away, he had to call and ask for directions, and it took about 7-8 minutes of twists and turns to finally get there.

To add insult to injury, there’s no parking at the hostel, so I had to drive up and park the car about a block from where I flagged the taxi.

After that, everything was great and we had a really fun 2 days in Seville.  The buildings are all so gorgeous downtown and they’ve been maintained and restored well.  Hard to explain, but the city just “has it”.  We remarked a few times that we’d have loved to spend our Spain time living here.

Apart from seeing the cathedral and visiting the Real Alcazar, we just wandered around, ate, and chilled.  Here are some of the photos we took along the way.


Our hostel was just down to the left from those umbrellas sitting outside. (The view is from the tower at the Cathedral.


Looks like a movie set of Spain


Fountain outside the cathedral

They had a bunch of horse-drawn buggies queued up in many spots around the city, so we decided to give our legs a rest and go for a ride.


I guess horses have the right of way


We took a spin through a park near the Plaza de Espana.  Very, very cool!681 679

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While walking around Seville, you could almost close your eyes and take a picture of something cool.  For example, all these narrow streets.

697 633 720

We walked over to the Metropol Parasol, supposedly the largest wood building in the world.  Looks like a giant waffle fry!  Very interesting, but quite different than anything else in Seville.

713 712

While wandering through the shops, we found a taste of America.  Literally!


We made it out of here with only a purchase of Goldfish crackers. Everything else was 2-3x US prices.

A few more random shots of cool stuff

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Finally, got a gorgeous sky while having dinner outside.