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3D Art Museum


Recently a 3D art museum called Art in Paradise opened in Chiang Mai.  The pictures people posted on TripAdvisor looked pretty cool so we finally went to check it out for ourselves.

It’s not cheap especially for Thailand standards: 300 Baht ($10) for adults and 200 Baht ($7) for kids.  Unfortunately Mara counted as an adult because its based on height and not age.

Overall I’m pretty disappointed by the place.  Most of the art didn’t look 3D at all in person and only looked kind of 3D in our pictures.  Beckett was pretty bored for the first half but loved the 2nd half of the museum.  Mara loved it though.

There were a few cool exhibits and its always neat to see art so I’m not really upset that we went.  But it’s more like a working photo shoot as opposed to an great experience, so you’re working while you’re there, but as you can see, many of the photos do come out great!


The real-life room is sideways, giving us a chance to create some cool poses.

Wipe out

Wipe out

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