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Driving Tanks and Crushing Cars!

On Sunday of my Amazing Race Birthday weekend, I received my last clue:


WHAT?!?  I had to read it twice before I busted out laughing.  I had no idea that one could do such a thing and was equally shocked, excited and amused.  Chuck really surprised me with this one.

It took us 1:30 to drive to Tank Town and we arrived right before 2pm.  We met with the owner who had us fill out the required waivers and then we were ready to go.


I headed into the driver’s seat while Chuck took the seat up top.  After a very brief explanation of how to drive the tank, off we went.  The instructor stayed near my ear to tell me where to go and took me all around the course.  It takes a little getting used to driving and how fast to go, but is pretty easy and a whole lot of fun.

DSC04958 DSC04928

After about 15 minutes of driving, we switched up and Chuck got to drive.  I must say I really enjoyed being in the passenger seat up top.  I’m also happy it had a seat belt as I surely would’ve been thrown off the top without it!

Tank1 DSC04936 DSC04940 DSC04944

After we each got a turn driving the tank around the course, we got to choose our car to destroy, then spray-paint it.  Of course, we had to take that opportunity to write Mara and Beckett’s names on there.

DSC04953 DSC04947

Then it was time to CRUSH IT!  I took the first couple passes over the car, first head-on, then across the rear.  Chuck then drove over the midsection a couple of times before driving up the front and parking on top of the car!

DSC04961 DSC04965 DSC04977DSC04983
Oh, was this parking spot already taken? My bad!

Oh, was this parking spot already taken? My bad!

Finally, we got to take a sledgehammer and take a few whacks at the car.  I think this was Chuck’s favorite part and he was quite determined to hammer the mirror off the side.


It was a really fantastic, visceral experience!  Definitely worth doing if you don’t mind shelling out the money.


Logistics: We did this at Tank Town USA near Blue Ridge, GA about 1:30 north of Atlanta.