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Home Sweet Home!

Well, it’s certainly been a crazy couple of weeks figuring out housing.

It was kind of a goldilocks situation as none of our choices was quite right for us.  For whatever reason, there was very little selection in our price range, and the two houses we ended up deciding between were both a little more expensive than we planned.

We ended up deciding to stretch the budget and went with the amazing house with the million dollar view instead of the more practical, larger house.

On the plus side, we’ve got an absolutely amazing view,

and a pool for the kids to swim, which they’ve already been doing multiple times daily.

There is a nice driveway area for the kids to play on and there are fruit trees on the property so we can go outside, grab a mango off the tree, and have it for breakfast.

On the downside, the neighborhood is a little quiet.  It’s nice, but it would be better if there were more kids nearby.  The house is also smaller than the other one we were considering and the kid’s rooms don’t have much room in them for toys or stuff.

Now that we’ve been in it a few days, I know we made the right decision.  Its amazing how quickly the kids acclimated to the new setting and how they always find a good place to play.  And Chuck and I are feeling the stress melt off us every night as we watch the sun set from the lanai.

Most importantly, it’s already starting to feel like home.



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