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Our House in Almunecar, Spain

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Now that we’re only 5 days away from leaving, I suppose we’d better get around to actually talking about where we’re staying.  We’d originally been planning on staying in town near the ocean, but never found a place that was the right fit.  So, we smoked the budget a bit and ended up in a villa.  Boo hoo, I know!

It’s set midway up a hill in a canyon just around the corner from Almunecar, in a “development” called Cotobro.  The owner of the house lives in a much smaller house beneath ours.  He’s been really great, though it’s a bit weird having the owner onsite.

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Because we’re set back in a canyon somewhat, our hours of daylight are somewhat limited, with sunrise around 8:30, and the sun going behind the hill around 5 pm.  That would be great in the summer, but in the winter it means it’s usually too cold to hang out outside after that time.

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This is our view on a nice day


And this was our view much of February, when the weather sucked!

We’ve got a balcony upstairs and a pool on the main level.  The pool was just there for show, as the weather was way too chilly for us to go in.  The kids did take a quick dip our first week.  Quick as in a few seconds in, then fleeing the pool while screaming!

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There are several entrances into the house, but we mostly use the door that opens on to the kitchen

pic 238

Down the hall to the left is where Kirsten’s office / school room

pic 248

Past that room is our family room.  It’s a nice, big room with a TV and fireplace.  Too bad our channel selection was terrible!

pic 236

Upstairs, there are 3 bedrooms.  The master had a European queen, which is smaller than a US queen.  So it was kinda cozy!

pic 245
pic 241

Beckett’s room in an unusually clean state

pic 242

Mara’s room looking like the filth pit it usually is. We could have tidied up, but it seems better to remember it as it was!

pic 244

The kids’ bathroom was pretty sweet!

Since everything in this area is on a hill, there’s a steep driveway heading down to our house.

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There’s also a cool stairway leading down to the ocean.  Unfortunately, you first have to go UP that big driveway before going down all those stairs.  So we’ve done the stairs exactly once.


There’s a cool little map of the community at the bottom of the hill.


The plus side of having a late sunrise is getting to enjoy it more often than when it’s at a ridiculous hour.

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Wait for it. . .

039 (2)

Wait for it. . .


There it is!

Overall, this worked out to be a really nice place for us.  Location wasn’t ideal, but it was gorgeous and spacious.  When we’re together 24/7, having some space to spead out is essential!