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Riding Sand Rails (Dune Buggy) at Oregon Dunes



I’ve wanted to see massive sand dunes and go dune buggy riding for a while, so I was really excited when I found out Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area was close to where we were staying on the Oregon coast.  We debated whether we should rent some and drive ourselves or go on a tour and leave the driving to an expert.  We opted for the second option because we knew they’d really give us the dune buggy adventure we were looking for.

There were a total of 6 of us plus a driver in our sandrail (buggy).  The kids sat up front with the driver, Chuck and I were in the middle seats and another couple was in back.  We started off slowly driving through some forest and then we got to the dunes.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There was nothing but sand dunes stretching out in front of us!  It was incredible!

20160709_163849 20160709_164547

The driver then took off and we went flying over the dunes.  He knew exactly how to come over the ridge and barrel down the other side before flying up another dune.  And he would go onto the side of the dune and bank the buggy so you felt like you might flip before he’d barrel down again.  It was a complete thrill!  The only downside is that the sand flying into your face and mouth HURTS when you’re going that fast!  Luckily I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and closed myself up so I looked like the sand people in Star Wars but Chuck and the kids had to stick it out.


Our 1/2 hour was up way too fast and we were all a bit sad as we headed out of the dunes.  I have to say this experience exceeded my expectations.  I’m so glad we went with the expert driver as he gave us such a thrilling ride!


Video of the tour:



Logistics: We booked with Sandland Adventures and did the 1/2 hour Sandrail tour.   Definitely wear long pants, sneakers and a hooded sweatshirt to protect yourself from the sand!

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