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ATV/Quad Tour in Morocco

While we enjoy some sightseeing while we travel, we enjoy activities and adventures even more.  So once we booked our tickets to Morocco, I started looking for fun things to do while there.  I came across some highly-recommended ATV tours, and since riding ATVs was on Kirsten’s bucket list, we decided to go for it.

The company picked us up near our hotel and drove us about 40 minutes out to their center in the desert.  We started off by driving a bit over an hour, winding through palm groves and the occasional little village.


Taking a break about halfway through our tour

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Apparently being a shepherd is still an actual occupation.  We passed several shepherds tending their flock and moving them around for grazing.


On our way back, we took a break at a little Berber settlement where we had tea and pastries.

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I got to / had to pour the tea for our table. You start the pour low, then lift the pot higher as you get the aim settled correctly.

Beckett and Mara also got a chance to drive the ATVs with our guide helping them.


This was Beckett’s favorite part.


A boy passed by with his donkey, and our guide got him to let Beckett take a little ride.

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Hey, camels!  Gotta take a picture with the camels, right?

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We got back to the base and saw the camel tour finishing up.  Looks fun, but uncomfortable.


Overall, we had a blast on the tour.  Just riding the ATVs was fun, but it was also really cool to see the countryside and how people live out there.  It’s a view we’d have never gotten in the Medina.

We used a company called Dunes & Desert and the cost was 55 Euros per driver, 15 E for each kid.  The total tour lasted 2 1/2 hours or so.

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