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A Photo Tour of the Streets of Marrakech

288Walking around the Medina in Marrakech is a real treat. There is the main square where a lot of the action occurs and there are the souks and market areas. But its also great fun to just walk around the random network of streets and alleyways.

It seems as though the streets are pedestrian only however, you realize pretty quickly that they’re used by motorbikes, donkey carts, bicycles and more. The motorbikes would whiz down the alleys so fast and many times we’d be pinned to the wall so we didn’t get hit. I still don’t know how I didn’t witness any accidents especially at the intersections of alleys as people would fly around the corners and nearly hit each other!

The people watching was awesome too.

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There were donkeys all over the place!

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Motorcycle chaos:


Loved all the “cave like streets”:


We found this wood carver who showed the kids how he carved wood trinkets “old-school” style: he used his arm to move a wood stick to spin the wheel and used a knife and his feet(!) to carve the patterns into the wood.  We watched him make one out of cedar and then he handed it to Beckett.  What a cool keepsake!

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These little carts reminded me of the tuk tuks from Thailand:

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There were cats everywhere:

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Of course you have to have your stands with hanging meat carcasses:


And a few more pictures from around:

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