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A Photo Tour of the Souks (shops) of Marrakech


Piles of spices available everywhere

One of the must-do items when visiting Marrakech, is strolling through the souks (shops) in the Medina.  There is a specific area that comprises many little streets lined with shops on either side selling everything from food to shoes to teapots to.. well anything really.  Its fun to wander around and soak up the sights and smells.  Of course it doesn’t come without risks though: the risk of getting run over by a motorbike, bicycle or even a donkey cart.  And the risk of getting lost.  But that’s half the fun!

We didn’t buy much of anything because there was no practical way to get it back to Spain then back to the USA without schlepping it all over the place.  But if we were headed straight back to the States, I would’ve done some serious damage to our wallets.  I particularly loved the silver teapots and the lamps!  Oh, I’ll dream about those lamps!


I love lamp!


Bottom right are tagines – little pots used to cook meals that are kind of like little pot roasts (but made with any type of meat)

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I loved all these teapots.  I was so close to buying one but alas, I didn’t.

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The clothing for sale was awesome and ranged from gorgeous dresses to belly dancer outfits.

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Yummy delicious treats!  The honey roasted sesame peanuts were so good.


Mara with an assortment of Moroccan pastries


All sorts of fruits and nuts available in bulk

There were tassel shops everywhere!  No, not those kind of tassels, but the kind you use to hold back curtains.
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In addition to spices, you could get things like frankincense, amber, indigo, and other natural perfume/scents.  I was quite excited to see and smell real frankincense.
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And of course there were rugs.


And more…

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